Starting out as a chemical and raw material importer and exporter, Shanahan’s was originally founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in December 1928 by Martin Shanahan from Penatanguishine, Ontario.

With the booming building development in the 1960s, Shanahan’s saw the opportunity and need for a reliable supplier of construction materials – they began making significant moves to offer these products to the growing construction market.

Shanahan’s has been consistently growing in the construction industry, offering its products and services across Western Canada. In 2012, Shanahan’s acquired 2 hardware distribution companies, Hardware Agencies and Serrubec Inc, allowing the company to tap into the eastern Canadian market. With success in the east and ties to the distribution market, Shanahan’s chose to further its expansion with the development of Shanahan’s Hardware Distribution (SHD) in 2014. SHD was created to facilitate distribution efforts across Western Canada provinces. Shanahan’s business model shifted, allowing for a national presence within manufacturing and distribution. The company and its divisions continue to grow within the Canadian market.

To learn more about Shanahan’s, visit http://shanahans.com